Saturday, 2 February 2013

Two mad people

So, a bit of an introductory note... Once upon a time there were two mad people. And they walked through Spain. One of them developed this into a chronic condition and repeated the feat. The other didn't fall much behind and kept on having ideas. So this is how this blog started - the next big idea is a Marathon. Because heck, why not.

So a bit about us: Pio (as Nika calls me) - Polish guy, currently living in London though known to occupy Krakow, parts of Slovenia and disturbingly frequently seen in Northern Spain. Or India. Apart from tendency to wander and travel he cooks (a lot) and trains martial arts. One has to mention an unabated fondness of wine. Few years ago he got asked by Nika whether he would spend couple of weeks with her walking Camino de Santiago. If you haven't heard about this one the principle is simple. Go to French/Spanish border, pack whatever you need into a single back-pack of no more than 10kg, turn west and walk until you reach the ocean. Some 900km they say. And so they walked. Two years later he left everything in Krakow and did it again, this time along Northern coast of Spain (Camino del Norte) and moved to London, carrying all his earthly belongings contained in neat suitcase, where he's been since.

Nika - known mainly as Nika. Undoubtedly Hungarian in origin. Prone to have bucket lists and ideas beyond regular's person comprehension. Apart from that she's a keen singer, yet frequently picks somewhat unusual spots to indulge in her vocal inclinations. Currently living in Budapest, a mother of two and a wife of one. Or so Pio has been told. They havent met for a while and given what they tend to get into suggest they possibly shouldn't too often.

So the plan for this year is to run Marathon, in Greece where once upon a time some brave Greek fellow did just the same thing. Pio's reason is simple. It makes no sense but is doable. And perhaps he might manage to organise some small charity money from it and donate to something worthwhile. Nika does the bucket list and plans to get fit. Plus charity of course.

Stay tuned, we will soon get to the nitty gritty detail, because someone ought to run. Pronto, really pronto.

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