Saturday, 2 February 2013

Some thoughts to begin with

 Darling-the-baby-is-crying, what-would-you-like-to-be-on-haloween, don’t-forget-your-lunchbox, at-what-time-will-you-finish-today, I’m-going-to-the-market-today, who’s-picking-him-up-from-nursery, gosh-she-blew-the-carrot-juice, stop-running-around-with-no-shoes-on, ooo-she-pooped, she-must-be-teething, what-did-you-eat-for-lunch-today-baby, how-was-work-today-darling… And even this overweight…
I thought I wish to be slim again. I thought I have to get some time for myself. I thought I have to pick something from my Bucket List again. I thought about a marathon. 10.11.2013 – MARATHON-ATHENS INTERNATIONAL MARATHON RUN. This blog is all about the way getting there.
The most important in my life is My lil’ family: Rali, my husband (oh, what a handsome man), Xavér, my 4 years old little scallywag and Csinszka the four months old fairy of mine. I live the ordinary life of Hungarian baby moms full of little miracles and I gotta say I really do enjoy this!

However, I do have my ordinary baby mom problems as well. I guess it’s included in the package. I never have enough time for myself,  I’m being exhausted all the time, I feel myself locked up in the house now and then. And let’s not forget about the same old story of „bloodyhellimreallyfat” ’cos – for the record – I have a life belt of 16 kg extra since my little girl was born.

On my standard list of new year resolutions I had utterly interesting stuff like loosing weight, regular sporting activities, but Piotrek popped in again and from my annual plans suddenly a 42.195 m run emerged. Same old…same old… I definitely plan to write more about the Piotrek-phenomenon.

I consider myself to be a „panic-machine”, though, I’m a tough girl, better than a mule. Also, I become fond of giant challenges. This is how running the marathon got on my bucket list. At this very moment I’m still a hobby-jogger. At this very moment I have no idea how to runa marathon. I have no idea what kind of physical challenge I’m about to face here; what is it to train five times a week for this distance and my only race-experience is a 6.2 km city run from the days of my pregnancy. I do not understand runners’ language and I have no clue about running theory, runners’ clothes and gadgets’.

I know only one thing: I'm  gonna run it this year. How I’m gonna do it, how I'm gonna afford it, I guess it will come all along the way…

Kövesd a blogomat magyar nyelven!

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