Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Training plan - Basic stage II.

Okay, a few weeks ago I made myself a promise, that I translate all my posts from Hungarian and I do not post a new one until I'm done. So I lied to myself. But obviously I have to hurry up, 'cos I'm about to finish the 8th week of trainings.

Here is a post from 7th February, 2013: 

As a great progress, by the end of the 5th week I won the battle for 40 minutes non-stop jogging. This pays me 2 whole weeks extra. Very motivating! Also, I don't know what might be written in the stars, but this week was full of tiny little joyful suprises and success.

1. The very first training without walking.
2. New training shoes which deserve a separate post.
3. The very first registration of the year: Vivicitta City Run, Budapest
4. The very first training where pace starts with a digit 6.
5. The very first scaling where my weight is below 80 kg: 78 kg on 6th February, 2013.
6. A nice extra plan is shaping, but I won't say more bout this...

By this  "without a particular reason I decided to go for a little run" and return to my training plan of the basic stage.

I have enough time now to complete the 10K training program of runnersworld.com until starting to train for the half marathon. So I try it out.

This is how I plan February:

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