Monday, 25 February 2013

The day I died

I thought I'll wait for Nika to get another note in, but things have been happening and I think it should report on the recent developments. I nearly died. The usual thing happens - I'm running and running and all things go fine until I feel a stab of pain. Fab, I think. Here goes the hard and the future. I shall die as a relatively young and moderately handsome inept runner. I kept running thinking how to arrange necessary ceremonies, distribute rather insignificant early possessions and find a respectable home for the cat when I realised it might not be a heart attack. Just a side crampie.

Other than that things are going relatively well. I can run up to 4.5 km before my body realises that things ain't very comfortable and perhaps we should have a bit of a repose. Honestly - I find this quite amazing. I do an awful lot of cycling and martial arts but I never was a runner. I think that within this week I intentionally ran more than in my whole life altogether. What is more surprising - I'm enjoying it and chances are I'll keep doing this even when I'm through this whole crazy marathon thing.

On a bit of unrelated note - we'll be getting setting up some chartiable targets, I've had a brief look around and it seem relatively easy to set up. So within a week or two I'll put a new note advising on how you can part with your money and support something worthwhile and give us this nice buzzy feel that we're doing a good thing

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