Tuesday, 26 February 2013

January on the scale

Okay, a few weeks ago I made myself a promise, that I translate all my posts from Hungarian and I do not post a new one until I'm done. So I lied to myself. But obviously I have to hurry up, 'cos I'm about to finish the 8th week of trainings.

Here is a post from 6th February, 2013:

Just to let you know it's not only bloggerblablabla, here I am to proove hard work is going on behind the curtains, thank you very much.

Remember replanning, I took off from nil. On exactly the 4th of January I got myself together and left off to the fresh air.

I would't bother pace results as I run and walk. And to make an excuse 'cos of the home made excel sheet, I have no gadgets of any kind (inc. phone, sport watch, pulse counter) to present very smart diagrams, maps and stuff. Yet.

What I am proud of:

1. Grim determination = regularity
I skipped only one training and truly because I had to take care of my children and decided not to take them on my back with me this time.
2. Progress
I stuck to the plan, ran when said, rest when said. Most of my colleagues would be able to create a beautiful sinuous diagram out of the results. I can't. I'm a lawyer.
Should have put it in the first place!
...and he is babysitting when needed... and he is interested about my trainings (or at least acting like that)... and he is supporting me... Heeey, it feels great! I assume he is waiting for the bombastic looking wife at the end of this story :)

What I would rather hide and forget:

1. Distance
Okay, now I am taking a deep breath and trying to imagine that the marathon is as long as my total January. distance. (Or, Pio, remember Arré???? Better not! That is the marathon distance. Not hiking. Running.)
2. Time
I must say I was faster when I was running pregnant. I will not be dissapointed. Everything will be juuuust fine, you'll see!
3. Weight
No changes on the scale from 81 kgs after a month. So I have started the 90 days diet.

Problem: my running shoes are not strong and brave enough to complete this mission. In tears though, I have to say byebye. They were my unselfish, devoted partners from the very beginning. Practically they don't have a sole anymore. Besides, they started to rip off the skin from my toes and a nasty bloodshot appeared on my little toe. Lovely, lovely first ever running shoes of mine. Rest in peace.

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