Tuesday, 26 February 2013

January replanning from nil - Basic stage

Okay, a few weeks ago I made myself a promise, that I translate all my posts from Hungarian and I do not post a new one until I'm done. So I lied to myself. But obviously I have to hurry up, 'cos I'm about to finish the 8th week of trainings.

Here is a post from the 2nd February, 2013:

Staring at the photos of New Years Eve Drinking, on which I parade still in pregnant clothes, I knew I must give up on my pride.
New Years Eve Drinking
I gotta go back to where I've started in 2010. I will rehash the training program I learned to run with. It came up to all my expectations at the time when I couldn't even run around the block and House MD could run me down limping. (and Piotrek :P)

I plan not to care about anything else but Groundwork until 18th, March which is my 32nd birthday. And by Groundwork I mean, I will do all the basic training it takes to be able to build upon in the long run.

Looking at my January results I think this was a smart idea. I made my own 4 x 40 minutes training plan from that particular beginner's course and I am in the middle of it. No pain, I started to shape up and I looove it.

This is how the schedule of the first 8 weeks looks like:

I'm running the 5th week now. It was yesterday to run the Cooper tests I have already mentioned.  I feel that I could do a lot more, but I don't want to risk it.

Besides, I r-e-a-l-l-y have to loose some weight because it is too much to carry around. Zoli Grandpa - who happened to be a family doctor - used to say that overweight is like a backpack full of bricks what we carry on our back even to the toilet. Who wants to rest there with a backpack??? Like it or not, it's a must to start a diet or something. In January I tried not to eat any bread, pasta, cakes at all. I failed. I say the most probable cause of this is that nowadays I bake the bread at home. And that smell... I also tried to skip dinner and eat a yoghurt instead. I failed. It always ended up in a messy night stuffing just after I had to get up to one of the kids. Now we are doing the 5th day of the 90 days diet. It's plural coa Rali decided to be in on a racket and I'm soooo happy about it. Yesterday it was Fruits Day to survive and we laughed at and with eachother so much. ("Hey, is sausage considered to be a fuit?") So the day went a lot less horrible than expected...

This is for now. (However, I'm the greatest in making schedules but sticking to them....)

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