Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to set yourself huge goals in less than a second?

Nothing is more simple than that: meet Piotrek and consider it done! 

Everybody wants a friend, a pally like him. Never let’s you down. Never says no. Tolerates you at all times. Should you come up with some mad idea, he is in.

Our friendship is quite rhapsodical. In 2005/2006 both of us lived in Maribor for a couple of month to enrich the drunk horde of international students. We lived on the same corridor and and along with some other fellows we spent days and nights together. Then – as usual – we travelled home and chatted fewer and fewer times.

Once upon a day in the fall of 2007 I was travelling on a crowded bus no.7 (the nastiest beast of Budapest) when the idea popped in my head: I walk camino de santiago. A repeatedly told story is that I was searching for a fellow-traveler for months pointless, when Piotrek found me one day at work on skype. He asked what’s up and so I told: I want to ask him to come with me. Just a little walk of 900 km in Spain. He said okay in less than 3 minutes. So we walked, journey was fab, Pio aquired the best ever fellow-traveller award. Then – as usual – we travelled home and chatted fewer and fewer times. Again.

Five years went by. Two weeks ago I fretted and fumed, thinking about a thousand things at the same time, including my belly, running and so on. And suddenly - as if I were on that bus no 7. - marathon came to me. But who would take me seriously? Piotrek. I wrote him an e-mail of three lines asking to be the friend again who does not let me down. He said okay in a day. That’s the way it goes... But he asked back where to run.
Let’s show off and be „very stylish”. Let it be a marathon in Marathon.

277 days to go.

I’m totally  excited!

Kövesd a blogomat magyar nyelven!

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