Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I have been a gazelle. A limping one.

Sometime things are good, sometime less so. My running has been off for a while. As things are it started with a gentle twitch in my right leg. That wouldn't be a problem - usual Camino style suggests to just walk it off, stop the training and recover. So I did. Just kept on with cycling and martial arts.

Right... martial arts. The ones where you throw someone on the ground and then break their arms in three places followed by 17 different types of strangulations. Jujitsu. Thing it sometimes you get hurt. Actually you get hurt a lot. So I couldn't really run for a little bit.

And remember that guy that claimed not so long ago that he hates to run? Yeah. I was practical climbing up the walls with excess energy. Luckily I'm back on track. Taking it easy, just 3-4 km or so but my stamina is not gone.

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