Wednesday, 17 April 2013

About being absolutely amazing

I didn't mention one small thing... I ran 20 kilometres. It's like, well, a long distance. Really, really long. It took me some 2 hours and a bit and the big challenge on the way was to keep myself motivated, rather than stop over and read a book and watch movie. During such runs the challenge I seem to be facing is focus and some form of mental activity that's otherwise lacking. But well, that's what happens if you have attention span of a forgetful butterfly.

Next point in plan is 24 kilometres this Sunday, hopefully will manage similarly to last time. It's not like I wasn't in pain the day after. Or two days after but by and large it was muscle pain that has gone away rather quickly. Obviously being the utter madman I have gone to jujitsu class the day after the long run and boy... it was a challenge. This time round I shall get a horse drawn carriage to carry me to work.

On more regular stuff - after a week of being a lazy bum and not running too much I'm back to the normal routine with short (5-6km) run in the week, when I focus on the speed and a long ones over a weekend day, when I focus on surviving. Ah, life saving tip - carry some water and energy bars. Last time I nearly plundered local Indian shop...

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