Sunday, 26 May 2013

Catching up

OK, some serious catching up is needed here. All things are good and well and running still goes on. To be honest I think I'm hooked. Couple of weeks ago I did this:

I think it gave me quite a good idea on how I handle distance and allowed to break down the things into distinct phases:
  • 0-2 km - ok, what am I doing here. Shouldn't I just go back home like normal people?
  • 2-9 km - not so bad, I think I can carry on. Let's do it.
  • 9 km - ouch, pain. Why am I doing this. Let's have a sit-down, please?
  • 10-17 km - hey, this stuff is fantastic. Common! Next week I'm going for 50 km, then maybe 100. I could do this all day long!
  • 17-24 km - I'm good at this. I guess I'll do something very long here and then perhaps one more in the evening!
  • 25-30 km - paaaainnnnn. A! I can't feel my legs. How far away is the bloody 30 km.
On the upside - apart from my legs being extremely stiff for the rest of the day and some mild muscle pain over the next two days I seems to have taken it well. That bodes well for the future. On the downside it's hard to find enough time for routes like this one. It also highlighted the need to invest in a water-carrier or a back-pack as I spent quite a lot of time running parched like Gobi.

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