Thursday, 7 March 2013

John Butler puts February on the scale

First of all, I would like to put down that I am sticking to training plans NOT 'cos I'm some kind of a miserable geek, but whenever I tried to run a bit more I ended up in pain with an injury. So I let the pros call the shots. I have spoken, uff, uff!

To demostrate my progress, January was like this:

In comparison, February was like this:

So this is the triangle of success.

(Should I mention John Butler Trio, I understand no jokes. Take these two videos as homework, I'm gonna hear the lesson for sure: you may have a gallows look in case you roll down too fast.)

And now - dear lawyer friends - some numbers and extraordinary statistics:

3,013 m (04.01.) --> 5,240 m (01.02.) -->10,600m (02.03.)
00:10:00 run + 00:20:00 walk --> 00:40:00 run --> 1:12:46 run

No comment! Should anybody worry about my health because of my huge flop on Sunday, I report, I'm back in business with 8,898 m.
From March gadget factor is incerasing as well.

And this I wish to send to Piotrek remembering camino and to emphasise how very happy I am that he has the suitable shoes:

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