Friday, 8 March 2013

How to feel like a movie star

You already know an answer. Start preparing for a marathon. Do you remember the stories about unsuspecting person being dragged into events that they can't fully comprehend but play along? They struggle, they fight, have moments of weaknesses but due to persistence and stubbornness they finally win, get half a prince and a kingdom?

Today was the day when I actually had to really, really draw on persistence and willingness to keep on. Fair to say it wasn't the most amazing weeks on many fronts, but when I ran out from the office into typical London's miserable drizzle it was hard not to come back. All in all I did my allotted 6km, got soaking wet and frustrated and spent the next meeting in the office steadily dripping onto someone's project plan. Note to self - get a towel.

All in all things are progressing, I got a heart rate monitor which should tell me soon whether I'm fit, just stubborn or dead. Sunday should also be the day when I try to breach a bit longer distance. Following an advice from an apparently expert runner from my office - 10 km should be the goal. Oh, joy.

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