Friday, 21 June 2013

Kick me baby one more time

Just wee bit of an update on recent developements. I took part in Tough Mudder. It's a 20 km obstacle course with such fun and frolics as swimming through water tank filled with ice cubes or getting zapped by some 10,000 V of electricity. Such fun, right?

Admittedly I was rather scared before it all started - you won't really know how bad it will get. I was reassured that in most runs there weren't any casualties, bar one or two. And that quite a lot of people finish it and can like walk slowly in a day or three. On the bright side you can test whether you are capable of jumping from a height or run through fire

Well, it was easier than I thought. The toughest challenge for me was jumping down from 4-5 metres into water. Mainly because I'm scared of heights. Luckily people yell at you and the whole thing happens rather quickly so I could only start freaking out mid-air. After that you're too busy fighting to get to the surface and trying to stay alive to really care. Did I mention that my legs were trembling for the next couple of minutes?

Another favourite of mine included jumping into a tank filled with water. And if the water wasn't cold enough - they filled it up with ice-cubes. It's quite an feeling when your body goes into a total shock, your heart tries to burst sucking all the blood from your limbs to key organs. Another fascinating strategy to stay alive. Then again you don't have too much time to think about it, as you have to dive into the water to swim under an obstacle to get to the other side.

Electric shocks weren't as bad a I thought really. Indeed once you get zapped your muscles spasm and you stand a good chance of falling down (and a lot of people did, face flat into the mud), however it doesn't hurt all that much - it's just plain weird. The one obstacle that I actually enjoyed was a wall, about 3 meters high, which you were supposed to get through. I managed all on my own, ahead of most people. Something I didn't know I'm capable of - for this thing alone I'm happy to have been there.

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